A Few Good Reasons To Buy Lennox Air Conditioning Products

Is a Lennox HVAC Product Right For Your Home?

Lennox makes some of the best home cooling systems on the market. Their home and commercial product-line compares favorably with every modern developer of HVAC and air purification components.

Customer support, technician training resources and warranty reliability is second to none. Feedback from the Better business Bureau reads as follows:


  • Lennox, a BBB accredited business since 1994
  • Lennox, confirmed commitment to resolve known consumer complaints
  • Thirty-two inquiries between 7/1/2012 and 8/2/2012
  • No recent negative reports.


About Lennox

Established in 1895, Lennox manufactures a large selection of innovative heating and cooling equipment. As a company, they have an established record for Excellency in the arena of home and business comfort. The Lennox legacy includes the following industry-first products:


  • Forced-air furnace
  • High-efficiency gas furnace
  • Economizer designed to pull in outside air for cooling
  • Solar-powered, HVAC-based home energy system.


Throughout the years, this ventilaciĆ³n industrial aguascalientes company has helped set the standard in home cooling equipment design and performance. The current lineup of leading-edge products touches the upper limits of 60 plus. Whether dealing with heating needs or cooling needs, it is likely that Lennox can provide a reliable HVAC solution for you at a reasonable and affordable price.

Energy-Efficient Tax Credits

Lennox works to ensure that customers can take advantage of all U.S. government offered tax credits, including a 9% retail discount on solar-ready heat pumps and air cooling devices. This drive toward solar support is current available through the year 2016.

Solar-ready home cooling systems are designed to cut heat pump and air conditioning costs by harnessing the natural power of the sun.

Is It Wise to Buy Lennox HVAC Equipment?

The majority of Lennox customers verify the durability and performance of the products. The XC21, rates top in all tests concerning air conditioning quietness of operation. Furthermore, Lennox air conditioning systems are supported by trained technicians enabled by the company to fully understand Lennox products.


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