On Fasting, Training and Spiritual Equity

Decades ago someone came up with the concept of IQ or intelligence quotient, which was supposed to be a measure of how smart you are. What it really measures is your analytical or cognitive brain, and people started realizing that being very good at doing math and rotating shapes in your head isn’t a good measure of how well you function as a person. Then came along EQ, or emotion quotient, which is about our awareness and how well you handle the softer side of things, your own emotions and feelings and relationships with others. Its about empathy.

Today there’s a third quotient, SQ or spiritual quotient, which is a measure of your “spiritual intelligence”. Originally it got discredited as pseudoscience, because it suffers from the unfortunate ailment of using the word “spiritual”, which automatically incites religious connotations. And that connotation was not too way off as at one point what is encompassed by spiritual intelligence was in the realm of religion.

Spiritual intelligence is about meaning.

Today even in the corporate world, there’s much talk about spiritual intelligence and employee fulfillment, ie does your job give you meaning and fulfillment? What does give someone fulfillment? Part of this are concepts such as self-esteem, self-worth, compassion, direction, happiness. Howard Gardner, a psychologist, coined the term “existential intelligence” in an attempt to move away from religious ties and the automatic responses that come with it.

In this sense human beings are extremely “spiritual” creature. Religions are really traditional manifestations of the need for compassion, self-esteem, meaning and ultimately happiness. We’re programmed to find meaning in everything. Unfortunately the science did not have the maturity to consider these “softer” concepts, even today its struggling.

Anyway so why are we talking about IQ, EQ, SQ? I implore you to explore these träning och hälsa concepts holistically in all areas of your life, but specifically I want to talk about training and health. When you’re embarking on a holistic mind, body and soul program, you need to remember your IQs, EQs and SQs.

You need to know what the hell you’re doing and how to do it well. I don’t mean you need to know the detailed science behind fasting or tibetan rites and endocrine gland stimulation, but you at least need to know how to fast properly and manage your workout programs. Otherwise you’ll be one of those schmucks trying to force curl too much weight and downing protein shakes without knowing what it does to your system.

You need to be mindful of your emotional state and how what you do or what you eat impacts it. You need to manage your emotional health and the impact on your relationships with others. If you’re overtraining and making yourself grumpy all the time that’s not going to work. If you’re walking around flexing and thinking you’re better than everyone because you think you can lift more (when in reality you look like a jackass). Or if your gf dumps you because her training progress is hurting your ego and you keep putting her down (true story). If your empathy and emotional states are suffering you’re missing the point. Mind, body and soul health is about making yourself a better person, not about promoting an elitist and egoistical mentality.


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